Amey employees help BBC Scotland tell the ‘journey of salt’

3 November 2014

Members of our STRU South East Highways team in Scotland took part in a BBC special on ‘The journey of salt’ as part of Transport Scotland’s winter campaign launch.

BBC Scotland called at our Burghmuir depot where they interviewed STRU SE Account Manager Keith McKune. The Scottish Transport Minister Keith Brown was also in attendance to watch the process and talk to our team.

The BBC piece looks at how salt is extracted and processed before ending up in our gritters so we can help keep the UK road networks running in winter conditions.

Salt Mine - Salt Union, BBC Filming 151014 (4).jpg

The feature was shown as part of the morning, lunchtime and early evening TV news. A radio package was also prepared for BBC Scotland radio news programmes and is also on BBC online where you can watch the journey for yourselves.

Keith McKune said: “It was a very interesting experience, and definitely fascinating to get an insight into how a TV news story is put together. It was also great to meet the Minister, who turned out to be a very down to earth guy.”

Once the salt is delivered to our depots, we use it in a solution to spread on the roads, which lowers the freezing point of water, making it less likely that ice will form on the roads.

On our South-east account in Scotland alone we have over 23,000 tonnes of salt ready for the winter weather to supply our 17 treatment trucks with a team of 80 drivers delivering our winter service.

This will be supported by 12 patrol trucks with a further 13 reserve vehicles.  We will also have tractor ploughs and snowblowers on standby to tackle any snow.

On the day, we also played host to photography students from New College Lanarkshire whose images have been used by BBC Online to illustrate the story.

BBC Filming - Burghmuir Depot 161014 II (6).jpg

Images provided by New College Lanarkshire photography students Arlene Campbell and Ellie Dingwall.