8 June 2015

Pic (left to right): Holytown Primary School Head Teacher Lynne Brennan, the winning pupils and members of the Amey Scottish South East Trunk Roads Unit.

Staff from Amey have visited Holytown primary school to view winning designs from an anti-roadside-litter poster competition.

A team from Amey’s Scottish South-East Trunk Roads Unit (STRU SE), based at the company’s Motherwell office asked pupils at Holytown primary school to come up with some creative ideas to persuade road users not to dump their rubbish at the roadside. The children decided to create a series of posters and messages reminding motorists of the damage to the environment and the risk to wildlife.

Amey was so impressed by the Holytown pupils’ ideas they decided to visit the school and award prizes to the six designs they judged to best sum up the anti-litter message to motorists. The prize-winners were awarded with a special Amey goody bag, which included an art set and book tokens.

Litter discarded by motorists creates a serious issue across the Scottish South East Trunk Roads network, and Amey road workers undertake the potentially hazardous work of keeping the roadside and carriageway clear of rubbish thrown from vehicles. Not only is littering unsightly but runs the risk of harming wildlife.

The anti-litter posters designed by the pupils from Holytown appeal to road users to take their litter home and not to dispose of it on roads and verges. Amey hopes these young people will carry the message to their friends and families that caring for the environment also extends to our highways and roads.

The winning posters are shown below:

 Pic 1.JPGPic 6.JPGPic 5.JPGPic 4.JPG

 Pic 2.JPGPic 3.JPG