M8 Hermiston Gait

19 January 2017

M8 Hermiston Gait (eastbound)

Regrettably, a traffic signal fault on the M8 eastbound at Hermiston Gait restricted the flow of traffic and caused delays. An engineering team was immediately dispatched to deal with this problem.

The delays were compounded by an accident at M8 Heartlands, and we worked with the emergency services to re-open both lanes of the carriageway as quickly as possible.

In consultation with Police Scotland a decision was made to turn off the signals at Hermiston Gait, and this increased the traffic flow.

The lights at this location are now operational again and will be monitored for the rest of the day through the evening peak, and into tomorrow morning peak.

An investigation into the fault is ongoing, and further testing is taking place to ensure the fault does not re-occur.

The safety of the travelling public remains our primary concern. We regret any inconvenience this fault may have caused.