Recycle Week 2019: Supporting Sustainable Art Practice

23 September 2019

Amey's collaboration with Glasgow School of Art MFA student to promote sustainable practice in art.


Earlier this year, artist Justin Apperley collaborated with Amey for his final Glasgow School of Art MFA Degree Show. The artwork titled Rabid and Rural introduced sustainability to his artistic practice through his use of discarded Amey road signage to create photographic sculptures.

Amey’s Bargeddie Depot donated 24 plastic and metal signs to be mounted with large scale black and white photographs, which were then warped, welded and shaped into sculptural forms. Using 35mm film, Justin documented the lives of the tight knit Yukon community in northern Canada where he lived off-grid for eight years. His work directly deals with emerging themes of climate change, nomadic futures and alternative survival strategies.

This collaboration was a key solution for Justin’s work and its approach to sustainability. He explains: “This action is a much more environmentally friendly approach to creating photographic-sculpture work rather than contributing to a mass-consumer society by ordering brand new sheets of aluminium or dibond. I am extremely grateful to work with Amey and hope that this collaboration will help encourage Amey’s sustainable framework for the future.”

In its seventeenth year, Recycle Week is a celebration of recycling organised by WRAP under the Recycle Now brand. This year's theme is: Recycling. It's in our own hands and runs from Monday 23rd September until Sunday 29th September 2019. Join the conversation online using #RecycleWeek.