Traffic Scotland: How we do it

16 March 2015

The team at Traffic Scotland are excited to launch a new video which explains the service and how information is received, monitored and distributed to road users all over Scotland.

Traffic Scotland collects and distributes real time information relating to incidents, congestion and events currently happening throughout the network on behalf of Transport Scotland. This video shows the public the systems we have in place and details how these are utilised to reach a wide audience.

Traffic Scotland’s aim is to provide drivers with information which will allow them to make an informed decision about their journey before they travel. Details are provided to ensure the best use is made of the network but also to improve the safety and efficiency of the roads.

The video has been created to show the public some of the faces behind the service and how these teams work to ensure the network runs as smoothly as possible.

If you are interested to find out more about Traffic Scotland come and see us in the control room via our YouTube channel at

The video is focused on our key operational areas of our service and how such key traffic information can be obtained through a variety of communication channels at our disposal by the travelling public.

•           PLAN

•           MONITOR

•           CONTROL

•           INFORM

Direct link to the Traffic Scotland (Service Overview) Video -

Real-time journey information can be obtained from by visiting

For media enquires please contact Traffic Scotland media team on 0131 203 8747 / Twitter: @trafficscotland


Traffic Scotland is operated by the Traffic Scotland Operator (Amey) from the Traffic Scotland National Control Centre (TSNCC). The TSNCC staff have the role of implementing traffic control and network management across the Scottish trunk road network.

From the TSNCC, the trunk road network traffic conditions are monitored, using sensors, buried in the road, and closed circuit television cameras. The TSNCC have developed operational relationships with the following organisations to collect and distribute relevant traffic information:

  • trunk road maintenance operators;
  • local roads authorities;
  • bridge managers;
  • the police;
  • the media;
  • motoring organisations; and
  • other interested parties.

The Traffic Scotland Operator operates the Traffic Scotland system and also answers the Emergency Roadside Telephones within the Trunk Road Network for Scotland.

Trunk road maintenance operators, who are responsible for maintaining the trunk road network, advise the TSNCC of roadworks planned and roadworks that may cause delay that are currently underway.

The TSNCC therefore has a key role in pulling together traffic information and distributing it to all interested parties, including road users.