Complaints Procedure

Complaints and Enquiries

Should you wish to report a defect or issue relating to the trunk road network please use the Report a Problem link below.  If your enquiry is urgent please contact our Operational Control Room on 0800 042 0188, option 1.

If you have a complaint about the management and maintenance of the trunk road network, or have other concerns, please refer to our complaints process below.

How we handle Complaints

This process outlines Amey’s commitment to provide an efficient and effective service (both internal and external), requiring all complaints to be recorded and resolved in a systematic and timely manner.

Key Definitions

A Complaint is a formal written or verbal expression of dissatisfaction received from a client, supplier or member of the public concerning Amey, its employees, consultants or contractors.

Complaint Owner – the person initially receiving the complaint or subsequently tasked with addressing it.

Operating Company Representative (OCR), the named individual approved by the Client as principal point of contact for the Scottish Ministers, their representatives and the Core Management Team throughout the Contract Period.

STRU SE – Scottish Trunk Road Unit South East

FBOC - Forth Bridges Operating Company

Third Party Claim – a claim received for damage/injury caused to persons or property

Complaints Process

  1. Complaint received from a member of the public / other interested party (customer)
  2. Initial response:
    The person receiving the complaint will advise the customer that their complaint has been logged and will be recorded on our correspondence register.
    If the member of staff is unable to deal with the issue directly they will acknowledge receipt of the complaint and escalate the matter to a supervisor or line manager.
  3. Escalation / Final Response:
    If escalated to a manager, the customer will be contacted within 24 hours (wherever possible) by telephone or e-mail as appropriate. They will confirm that the matter is now being handled by a new complaint owner, and will be addressed within a reasonable time.  A formal response will be issued within 5 working days if the issue cannot be resolved earlier.  The customer will be updated with the progress of their complaint and the final response. 
    Where the manager is required to pass the complaint to another department, e.g. our third party claims team, they will contact the customer to advise accordingly.

Third Party Claims

Amey is responsible for the management and maintenance of the road network on behalf of Transport Scotland. 

All matters relating to third party claims are dealt with by the Operating Company (Amey).  Transport Scotland have no input into dealing with these claims, as Amey is contractually obliged to deal with these matters, and indemnify Transport Scotland against such losses.  Transport Scotland will not be able to deal with any enquiries relating to third party claims, however in the event that such correspondence is received they will forward them to the appropriate Operating Company.  

Third Party Claims Process

A claim can be notified by telephone to the Operational Control Room or in writing to the Operational Control Room mailbox, or in writing to the address shown on our Contact Us page.

The third party claims team will send a third party claims notification form for the customer to complete and return with any relevant evidence and supporting documentation (invoices/estimates/photographs etc.).   It is important that the incident location that is provided on the form is as specific as possible, using sketches or diagrams, mentioning specific features such as signs or landmarks.  

Upon receipt of a completed form the team will reply to customer to acknowledge its return and begin their investigations.  This process may take up to three weeks, and we would ask for your patience as they cannot begin their enquiries until they have all the details.  If a longer delay is anticipated, they will keep the customer updated.  As part of the investigation the claim is passed to the operations team to review their records and provide comments on the circumstances where appropriate. 

Please note that there is no automatic right to compensation, and that issuing a claims form should not be taken as an admission of liability.  There may also be instances where we cannot deal directly with your claim, especially if it occurred on another part of the road network which we are not responsible for.  In such instances we will redirect your claim to the appropriate authority on your behalf, and will contact you to confirm this. 

The third party claims team will make a decision, having regard to all the facts and circumstances, whether to settle the claim on a without prejudice basis, or repudiate (reject) the claim.  A thorough explanation will be sent with their decision.  Should the customer wish to query the decision they can respond in writing with any additional information or supporting documentation in support of their position.  We will consider our position and respond accordingly.

If the customer is not satisfied with the outcome of the claim, after further clarification has been exhausted, they can appeal the decision, again in writing, whereby the claim and all associated correspondence will be passed to an independent manager within the business for review.  This independent manager process will provide the claimant with our final decision on liability.