Scottish South-East Trunk Roads network

The Scottish Trunk Roads Unit South East (STRU SE) is made up of over 550 miles of road through Central Scotland, the Lothians and Scottish Borders.

South East Unit covers the area from Dunblane, south to the National Boundary – all Motorways and trunk roads to the east of the M74 corridor.

It includes the Edinburgh city bypass and the M8 motorway from, approximately, Hermiston Gait to Shotts.

Since 2014, Amey has been contracted by Transport Scotland to maintain and improve the motorways and trunk roads in South East Scotland.

Below you can find more info on each of the 15 individual routes, which comprise the Scottish South-East Trunk Road network.

You can sign up for Road Work Alerts to be informed of planned, cyclic and emergency maintenance taking place across the entire network. (or just the routes of most interest).

This includes updates on Road Safety Schemes, Bridge and Structural repairs and our Winter Service.

The South-East Network encompasses...


• 1585km of carriageway

(mainly rural)

• 290km of barrier

(Vehicle Restraint Systems - VRS)

• 700 structures

(half are bridges)

• Over 3000 electrical assets

(including road lighting)

• 12,000 road signs


• Around 18,000 gullies


• 8.000 manholes


• 350km of filter drain